Faster billing

Everything is ready so you can send the invoice to the customer as soon as the work is done. Billing is easy and you save many extra credit days. The attachments can be exported to your accounting program in multiple formats.

Improved liquidity
With Minuba’s electronic case management, invoicing is simple. Invoices are written while the work is ongoing, so you can send them to your customers as soon as the work is finished. Faster billing means that more money will be available to you sooner, which can easily translate into improved liquidity.

Unpaid invoices
Many craftsmen face problems with unpaid invoices. Whether it involves small or large amounts, it is always a loss and demanding payment should not be one of your concerns. Minuba makes it easy, through our partnership with a debt collection company that takes care of payment reminders. This means that no additional work is required on your part; everything is handled through our partners on your behalf.

Minuba has made a series of integrations with accounting programs such as Billy, C5 and e-conomic. Minuba ensures automatic synchronisation among the systems. Minuba is constantly working on delivering new integrations, but if your business needs a special integration that is not on the list, you can contact us so we can see about helping you.

Extra work
In fixed-price arrangements, Minuba helps its customers to highlight and show the value of any extra work done. In many cases, everything about the extra work is forgotten because it is not a large amount compared to the rest of the job; but remember, it is often your time and thus the company’s money that gets ‘wasted’. Minuba makes it easy to invoice customers for additional work, so ‘minor activities’ can always be invoiced. This means more money coming into your business, thus improved liquidity.

Send invoices by email
Save valuable time and focus on things that matter to you and your business. Increase your liquidity and get paid quickly. Send invoices and documentation to your customers via email, quickly and easily. If you work with public authorities and institutions, Minuba enables you to send invoices directly to them.