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€ 33

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Administrative user

Access to all system rights and features.

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€ 22

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Limited user

Access to create orders, register materials, quality assurance, etc.

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€ 11

per user per month

Resource user

Access to worksheets, documentation and work-hour registration.

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Schedule your machines, your workmen and others who do not have to log on to the system, but whose costs will be included on the invoice. Administrative user schedules the resource’s time and calendar.

€ 3

per resource per month

Feature Administrative user Limited user Resource user
Time registration
Gratis app (iOS & Android)
Satisfaction guarantee
Documentation module
Order module  
Planning view  
Suppliers product catalogues  
Price comparison  
Statutory quality assurance documents  
Product catalogue with your items and barcodes  
Customer and address directory  
Extra work  
Invoice module    
Quote module    
Planning module    
Integration til økonomisystem    
Quote templates    
Payment reminder management    
Ressource administration    
Management overview    

You need one Administrative user to have acces to Minuba. All Prices are without VAT.

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We offer start-up packages from 0, - and courses.

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Questions and answers

What do you need to do and what can you expect as a Minuba user?

How much does it cost?

For € 33 per month, you can run your business professionally.

You pay for a minimum of six months to get started. Should an employee leave during the period, there is no need to panic, as we will transfer the remaining amount to your other users. In other words, you never lose your money at Minuba!

What does the price include?

EVERYTHING! You’ll get the use of Minuba including support, updates and newly developed features. In short - EVERYTHING!

How do I get started?

Sign up for a free trial period and get started! Start setting up your business, users, wholesalers, etc. in Minuba. Then you’ll be up and running! Our fantastic support team will contact you to ensure that our collaboration gets off to a good start!


We extend the same discounts to all our customers. You cannot get an extra discount here, even if you insist, but we would like to let you know about the discounts we offer to all our customers. In other words, discounts are available to those who believe in Minuba and who want to collaborate with us.