Enterprise management with Minuba

Are you tired of complex Excel spreadsheets for contract management? Do you want a clear overview of your contract projects? And do you want to stay updated on the progress of each individual project?

With Minuba's contract management, you can easily and seamlessly keep track of your contract projects, invoice based on progress, and provide a detailed summary to your clients. This allows you to have complete control over the finances and progress of your contracts.

In Minuba, it's easy for you to work with bid lists and monitor project progress. You can effortlessly manage orders, track progress, and handle interim and final invoicing. It couldn't be simpler!

Bid list integration and progress tracking

Integrate the bid list received from the main contractor into Minuba's Contract Module effortlessly. Alternatively, you can manually create your own activities. During project meetings, you can enter the percentage of progress for each activity in the bid list within Minuba's Contract Module. This enables you to invoice based on the agreed-upon progress, clearly displayed on the invoice.

Invoicing and summary reports

Minuba simplifies the process of including a detailed summary in the second page of the invoice, providing the main contractor with an overview of the total contract amount, previous invoicing, and the current request. On the project itself, you can easily view the interim invoices that have been created.

Cost budgeting

In addition to managing the bid list, you can create a cost budget in Minuba where you define the different cost items. This allows you to continuously monitor and control the project's costs. Learn more about budgeting here.

Benefits of Minuba's Contract Management:

With Minuba's contract management, you can enjoy the following benefits:

- Efficient financial contract management

- Consolidated financial data in one place

- Clear overview of the project's status

- Cost budgeting capabilities

- Easy invoicing based on progress

- Copying a project for a new order