Quality assurance

Employees carry out quality assurance electronically at the customer’s premises. Statutory inspection and testing are automatically linked, and images and other documentation are easily uploaded. All information is stored and used as documentation, for auditting purposes, for example. Choose from the many industry forms.

The legislation on quality assurance is constantly changing. At Minuba, we wish you to be able to focus on what is important for developing your business. Therefore, in cooperation with our partners, we have provided the most current documents under the latest legal requirements. In addition, Minuba gives full access to all quality assurance documents at all times, so there is no reason to have paper documentation. Everything in one place – safe and easily accessible at all times.

Professional documents
In cooperation with our certified partners, we are able to deliver a wide range of documents to all industries, always in compliance with the legal requirements. You do not have to keep up with all the legislative amendments and adjust your documents: you can simply leave it to the specialists. Everything for your convenience.

Your own documents and checklists
Minuba provides innovative tools for creating your own quality assurance documents. They can be used to create documents that will increase your customer satisfaction or standardise the way you perform the work.