Material registration

Materials are searched or registered directly with a barcode scanner or app for ordering from your preferred wholesalers with your own discount agreements. Choose from more than 45 wholesalers. With EDI, the materials can be routed directly from the wholesaler’s invoice to the job ticket and employees have the option to register extra materials. How to get it all on the invoice!

Know your earnings, check your spending
Minuba’s materials registration is designed to give you full control over where your money goes, allowing you to make adjustments and increase your earnings whenever necessary. For each order, Minuba delivers diagrams that make it easy to see if the job in question is creating profit or loss.

Your favorite wholesalers in one place
Minuba provides access to more than 45 wholesalers from different industries and is constantly adding more, to meet our customers’ needs. With over one million products in our catalogue, you can be sure that you will find what you need. Prices of materials are automatically updated, so you avoid disappointment of having to cover price differentials. Finally, your discount agreements are entered into the system, so they are always calculated on the individual material. As a Minuba customer, you have to know your contract number and discount agreement number to get started. Best wishes forcontinued good work!

Get full control
Electronic invoicing makes it possible to avoid large loads of paper, while saving a lot of time that would otherwise go to manually registering materials. With Minuba you can go even further. Minuba automatically links your invoice to the order, to make sure everything matches; if there are any deviations, you will find out quickly. Could it be any easier?