My Plan

Employees see upcoming activities and record when the work is done themselves. When the day or week has passed, the timesheet is written and ready for delivery. The hours are automatically transferred to the job ticket, so they are ready for billing. Electronic job management ensures that you avoid excess paper and can focus on the things that are essential to your business.

Keep your employees updated Give your employees access to their schedules. Let them record the time they spent on work or other activities. Here you will receive an overview of how employees have spent their time compared to the norms stipulated in their contracts. Make sure their time is used efficiently. With Minuba it is simple.

Meet deadlines Our timeline view gives an overview of the day’s tasks and shows the order in which they should be performed. This is especially useful when a particular time has been agreed with a customer. The work plan integrates perfectly with service orders, so you can find your way on even the busiest day. With the timeline you will never miss any deadlines or appointments.

Calendar syncronising Minuba works perfectly with Outlook, Google Calendar and many others. Your schedule will automatically be updated in your favourite calendar application. As a business owner, you can also have several calendars, for seeing your employees’ tasks