Create quotes and orders when customers contact you. Indicate the expected use of time and materials and send it to the customer as a professional quote. Employees will receive the completed job ticket directly on their app, iPad or PC.

Central place for your work
The job ticket gives you a complete overview of specific work, whether you are in the office or on the road. All contact information, job descriptions, material, time and much more is available to you. There is no need to jump from page to page to find the information you need.

Unique flow
Minuba’s visual workplow gives a quick picture of where you stand with your work, so you never skip a step. The flow is automatically adjusted if Minuba identifies important changes. You do not have to ask your employees how the work assignment is proceeding, since it is visible in Minuba’s system.

Access control
Some of your information may be crucial to your business and you may not want to share it with everyone in the house. Minuba gives you full flexibility as to who needs access to specific job tickets. Perhaps you also want to limit the information on them? For example, access control can remove the prices so that they are not visible to anyone other than you, which means that employees can fully focus on the task.